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Best Prom T-Shirt Design Ideas

Published: May 28, 2018
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Prom is a big deal to high school students, and the celebration often starts long before the actual event. Custom prom t-shirts are growing in popularity, and people wear them for many different reasons. Here, you can learn more about some of the cleverest prom t-shirt designs and find out how Toronto Tees can help you create your own custom prom shirts online.

Build Excitement for a Themed Prom

Most of today’s prom events have some sort of theme. You’ve probably heard of “Fire and Ice” or “Under the Sea”, but the possibilities are truly endless. If you have a unique prom theme idea and you want to start building the excitement before the big event, there are numerous designs for custom prom t-shirts that you can use to your advantage. Toronto Tees offers hundreds of clipart options, and you can even upload your own images for use on your prom shirts, as well. You can put the name of the theme and an image on the front, then the name of the school and the year on the back to create the perfect prom t-shirt designs.

Recognize the Prom Committee

Most schools designate a prom committee to help plan the big event and make sure everything goes according to plan. These individuals work hard behind the scenes to plan everything from the décor to the music and in some cases, even the catering. Custom prom t-shirt designs are fantastic ways to recognize these individuals for their hard work. The name of the school, event, and year on the front of the shirt serves to build excitement, and the words “Prom Committee” on the back, followed by the student’s name, offers much appreciated personalization.

After-Prom Event Tees

After-prom events are designed to give attendees the ability to meet up with friends after the event in a safe and non-threatening environment. Once the prom itself is over, students are typically ready to shun their formalwear for something a little more comfortable, so handing out after-prom event tees at the door is a great idea. You can personalize your prom t-shirts online to say “After-Prom” along with the year, and you can choose your own artwork to customize the shirts any way you like.

I Survived” Shirts

Finally, for those students who like to find the humor in just about every situation, “I Survived Prom 20xx” is always a fantastic idea. Students will giggle and likely jump at the opportunity to purchase one of these shirts, and in some cases, it may very well become one of their most treasured possessions. Again, you can choose from various colors, fonts, and clipart to create the perfect “I Survived” custom prom t-shirts directly on the Toronto Tees website.

Though most people think of formalwear when they think about prom, there’s a lot of excitement leading up to the event, and there are plenty of memories after. Toronto Tees can help you immortalize your prom experience when you create, design, and order prom t-shirts online.

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