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10 Sweet 16 Shirt Designs – How to celebrate your special day in a customized way

Published: September 25, 2018
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We only turn 16 once, and for some us, it’s an age we long to become. Turning sixteen is like the start to adulthood (take it from me, don’t be in a hurry to get there). A light sip of what it’s like to have freedom away from our parents and our dependence on them. As many upcoming teenagers know, turning 16 is just the first stepping stone to independence. The age where going out without your parents becomes a reality, and don’t have to wait on mom and dad to take you somewhere with the potential of being embarrassed. Oh yes, it’s already that time to signify this new age and what better way to do that then with sweet 16 birthday t-shirts?

There are many ways to create your own custom printed sweet 16 t-shirts, so to help you with this venture, we are going to highlight 10 of the best sweet 16 shirt ideas. Hopefully one of these fun and unique ideas will speak to you and your inner 16-year-old self. After all, you are only 16 once so you might as well commemorate it.

Here are the top 10 ideas for your sweet sixteen t-shirt that we hope speak to you and gets your creativity flowing.

Sassy shirt for a sassy attitude

When we turn 16, we like to flaunt our almost adult attitude. For some people, girls especially, having a sassy t-shirt for their sweet 16 is not just the perfect word to describe a 16-year-old, but also fits the personality of the age as well.

Sayings like, “Perfecting perfection since 2002,” or “Birthday Diva,” can be awesome ideas for a sassy look. Of course, you can blend it with the perfect color combination as well. Utilizing colors like gold, bright pink or purple would add the cherry to the top of birthday cake (pardon the pun) in creating a diva-esqe t-shirt perfect for your sweet 16 shirts.

Classy never goes out of style

One can never go wrong when you aim for a classy look for your sweet sixteen shirts. This can simply be using elegant accents on a shirt such as stars, different color schemes, glitter, hearts or fancy font. As they say, less is more, and in this case using subtle features on a sweet sixteen t-shirt can be a prime example of that. You don’t have to go over the top for your 16th birthday tee shirts, because sometimes the look itself is all you need to make it eye-catching and classy.

Sweet and simple for a look that matches you

Being flashy in their looks isn’t for everyone when it comes to celebrating the big sixteen. All you need sometimes is just a simple, “Sweet 16” or “Birthday girl” shirt to say it all for you. Not everyone likes to draw attention to themselves, even when it comes to their special day. You really can’t go wrong with keeping it sweet and simple, especially if that is the type of person you are.

Royalty for a day…or forever

One of the more popular ideas for a sweet 16 shirt design is the use of crowns or tiaras for a t-shirt design. Turning 16 has been a lifelong goal for many teenagers due to the excitement that comes with the age. Along with the age, comes a feeling of being spoiled rotten (or maybe that’s every day for some).

What better way to honor that feeling than with a shirt that sings “Queen for a Day! Happy Sweet 16,” or “Bow to the Queen – Happy Sweet 16!” There are many unique and special ways to honor being 16, and that includes creating a t-shirt of the royal kind. No matter how you choose to wear your crown (on your shirt or on your head), it’s your birthday, so anything goes for this royally special day.

Pre-bridal party shirts (a.k.a. squad shirts)

Your sweet sixteen is like prerequisite to having a bachelorette party. Having ‘squad shirts’ for you and your posse can be an awesome way to celebrate with the people you adore the most.

No one will have to wonder what to wear for a sweet 16 party because you already have it covered (you go girl, or guy!). Sayings like, “Birthday squad” or “Birthday gang” can be the perfect logos for your group of friends. You can do different colors to fit the favorite colors of your troop or make theirs one version and yours another style – the sky’s the limit. Like I said, this is like a pre-bachelorette party without the lifelong commitment that follows it – so enjoy!

Sports can be for everyone

Don’t worry guys…we got some ideas for your custom sweet 16 t-shirts as well, as girls aren’t the only ones who turn 16.

The fun thing about a sporty look is that you really have options with this avenue. Aside from just making a shirt look sporty, is that you can order sport shirts to add that extra special element to it. For instance, choosing a baseball jersey look is not only different, but also plays into the ‘sports’ theme you are aiming for.

Other sporty ideas are putting the number 16 on the back with the word “sweet” on top. If you want to make it more personal, then put your name at the top instead of sweet. You can also pay homage to your favorite sports team, by using their colors to emphasize your team loyalty while celebrating your special day. Nothing like blending the best of both worlds and appeal to both guys and girls.

Established / Made in (we all have a founding date)

The year we are born is always the best year…right? While you may not want to think about being ‘made’ or ‘established’, it still is a fact of life and one that could serve as a sweet 16 outfit idea. As an ode to your parents (sorry to put that in your mind), you can use the year you were born as part of your 16th birthday tee shirt design.

In fact, many well-known companies like to throw the year they were founded into their logos and clothes (think Abercrombie). This sweet 16 t-shirt design idea is simple, a bit funny, but also a neat way to add that little bit of you into your look.

I guess this is one idea where you can really thank mom and dad.

One way to get a car without too much hassle

What better way to honor your 16th birthday then with a car themed t-shirt? While mom and dad may or may not be surprising you with the real thing, you can always wear one on your t-shirt. In this case, the type of car you choose doesn’t matter as it won’t break the bank if you pick a Porsche or Gremlin to wear on your cute sweet 16 shirt.

Have fun with sayings like, “Cruising into 16,” or “Found the keys to happiness…it’s turning 16.” You get the idea though. Choosing a car theme can also be great for both guys and girls turning 16, since cars are a topic that can appease both genders and make any teenager pretty happy.

So, what’s it gonna be? A vintage corvette? A new Mustang? Or maybe a DeLorean (gotta love the 80’s)? At least you don’t get a payment book with this car. 

Graffiti is an art form that also looks good on shirts

For some reason, the look of graffiti has never gone out of style. No matter how retro or 1980’s it comes across, look of graffiti has become more art than just another fade. This is one avenue that you don’t always see when it comes to sweet 16 shirt ideas.

Use different graffiti fonts online to spell out ‘sweet 16.’ If you are good with graphic art, design it yourself for a truly personal touch. One real nice thing about graffiti is the way it pops on a shirt, especially if you use different color schemes. To get inspired, look up different colors and graffiti designs. You can easily get your creativity going with this art and potentially use it as your own muse for your design.

Spin on popular or vintage sayings

Unlike big hair, some things never go out of style. This includes popular sayings that can used when one is designing their sweet 16 shirt. Some great ideas for this can be, “Peace. Love. Sweet 16.” You can also use the famous, “Stay Calm. I’m turn 16,” design as well.

You can use contemporary or vintage sayings if you would like. For example, if you want something more from the 70’s, using words like “groovy” or “far out” would be perfect. But if you want to keep in the 21st century, then words like “lit” or “can’t even” would be your best choice. 

I have my idea, so what’s next?

If any of these ideas speak to you, then we at Freshly Baked Tees would love to help you create your one-of-a-kind sweet 16 birthday shirts. We provide you with the opportunity to easily create a stunning custom design for your birthday t-shirts online that’s easy and fun – just like your sweet 16 party.

What you are wearing to your party shouldn’t be the biggest concern on your list, so let us take care of that for you. After all, you only turn 16 once, so make it special and enjoy the day that’s all about you!

From all of us – Happy Sweet 16 to you!!

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